SawmillDo you have trees which need to be felled? We offer full sawmilling / resaw facilities, allowing you to turn your logs into sawn timber and posts. From there we can produce decking, weatherboard, or even finishing timbers such as skirting and tongue and groove.

*NEW* We are now able to mill full width slabs - enquire today!

Post Peeling

Posts DryingTo the best of our knowledge, we operate the only post peeler in Marlborough! We offer a complete service, whereby we peel your posts, cut them to length, point them, air dry and preservative treat them.

No minimum quantities apply - call us today, and see how we can help you! Phone (03) 572 8168


Machining / Profiling

Using our 4-sider planer, we can produce a wide variety of profiled timbers including:

  • Weatherboard - Rusticated, Bevel back or Shiplap
  • Tongue and groove (panelling & flooring)
  • Scotia & Architraves
  • Window reveals
  • Bullnosed or Profiled skirting
  • Grip Tread or Smooth Decking
  • All Square Dressing

In many cases, we can match your weatherboard or decking profile, to ensure seamless integration into existing buildings.

For exposed situations, we recommend treated pine clears, minimum treatment H3.2, and for best results a painted finish on all faces, including the reverse face. Preferred board width on weatherboards is 150mm.

Preservative Treatment

In order to protect Pine (also Kahikatea and Black Poplar) from premature rot, fungi and insect attack, it is important to treat it with preservative chemicals. At Dashwood Timber, we pressure treat using the tried and true CCA formula. We can treat your timber H1, H3, H4, H5 or H6.

What level of treatment to I need?

H1 Internal framing only, protected from the weather.

H3 Above ground, exposed to the weather or to protect against the risk of moisture entrapment. Used for Framing, Fencing, Decking, Pergolas, Verandas and all other outside uses, where it is NOT in ground contact.

H4, sometimes called "Ground Treated" is used for posts and retaining walls, and all other situations where the material may be in ground contact.

H5 is the standard for Poles, higher risk situations, around fresh water, jetties (NOT submerged) and for house piles.

H6 is used exclusively in marine circumstances, where the timber will be submerged in sea water.



Using our large bandsaw, we can split or resaw your timber, with the minimum of waste. In addition, we can add a "bandsawn face" - a rustic sawn finish, which is attractive on weatherboard, and other outdoor applications. We have a policy of not bandsawing any recycled timber, as the potential for damage is too great.