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Natural timbers are not recommended by Dashwood Timber for use in exposed situations. Where natural products are desired, these should be sealed on all faces with a weatherproof proprietary finish.

While focusing mainly on Pine timber (both treated and untreated), as well as Posts and Poles, we may also carry Macrocarpa, Lawsons Cypress, Black Poplar, and smaller amounts of Elm, Eucalyptus and Douglas Fir. To download our our Timber or Post / Pole Pricelists, please click the image below:

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Pine Timber, Posts & Poles (Pinus Radiata)

Photo: PolesThe most commonly used timber in New Zealand, Pine is used for all outdoor applications such as fencing, decking, landscaping, cattle and sheep yards, and general building purposes. Our pine is locally grown on the hills of Marlborough, and nearly all milled, dried and treated on site.

We stock a range of posts and poles from 1.8m - 6.0m, in various diameters. We have a great Post Peeler, and are now able to peel, point, cut to length and treat your postwood for you. To find out more about this, please visit our Services page.

Pine is classed as a softwood, and is susceptible to rot, fungus and insect attack. For this reason, it is not only economical, but environmentally sensible to treat the timber with a preservative chemical. This extends the life of the timber from roughly 1 year in it's untreated state, to 40 + years. Treating ensures that our forests have time to replenish themselves.


Weatherboard,Tongue & Groove (Panelling and Flooring)

MachiningWe stock the following, and can produce the same to order from your own material: TGV panelling, and tongue and groove flooring in a variety of custom dimensions, Bevel back, Shiplap and Rusticated weatherboard. Whether you need to match an existing installation, or plan a new project, we can help you with choosing the best timber for your situation, and working out the quantity required. In addition, we can run external weatherboards and claddings, and are often asked to match profiles. Bring in a sample, and we're happy to help you determine the best option for your renovation or building project.


Other Species

As mentioned above, we may carry in stock Black Poplar - often used for truck / trailer decks, Eucalyptus (Gum) for flooring, Lawsons Cypress for panelling, and smaller amounts of Elm, Macrocarpa and Douglas Fir. Feel free to phone us for a current update on our stock levels.